11th Mar 2014

1. What is a Land Survey: A Land Survey is a report in the form of a map showing the location of a parcel of real property.  Land Surveys identify the record title lines of your property and allows the buyer to make informed decisions and enable you to address defects prior to closing. This map will also show the location of visual improvements on and adjacent to the Property.

2. Why are Land Surveys Important The Survey Map is important because it will show you the limits of the land and improvements such as driveways, fences, wells, or even dwellings which encroach over the property line.

3. Are Property Markers Important: Placing markers could help to avoid future property disputes. However, prior to requesting markers, you should discuss this issue with your attorney.

4. Who can do a Land Survey: In New Jersey a land survey make only be performed and signed by a license Professional Land Surveyor.

5. What is Title Insurance: Title Insurance protects the lender and the property owner against claims to the property such as a disputed property line. Title Insurance Policies do not provide coverage for encroachments, easement and boundary line disputes which would be disclosed by a current certified survey. This is known as the Survey Exception. Most lender require a Survey Endorsement to their loan policies which limits the scope of the Survey Exception to the specific problems identified in the survey.

6. If the advised me that “I have an old survey you can use that,” should I rely on that or order my own Survey: No. You should always order your own survey when purchasing a home. If you rely upon an old survey and an issue thereafter arises, you my not have any recourse against the Surveyor since you were not a party to the contract. Therefore, it is always important when purchasing a property to order your own Land Survey.

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