29th Jul 2014

In Leggio V. Leggio the court noted that the court’s authority to order a name change in a divorce is governed by N.J.S.A. 2A:34-21 which provides that “upon a divorce from the bounds of matrimony”, a court may allow either … more

11th Mar 2014

1. What is a Land Survey: A Land Survey is a report in the form of a map showing the location of a parcel of real property.  Land Surveys identify the record title lines of your property and allows the buyer … more

4th Mar 2014

While rare, modifications for jumbo mortgages—loans above $417,000 in most markets, and $625,500 in pricier markets—remain an option for homeowners who can’t keep up with their payments.Modifications typically change loan terms so borrowers have lower monthly payments, helping those delinquent … more

12th Feb 2014

Everyone knows that texting and driving is dangerous and is a leading cause of  accidents. In fact, New Jersey prohibits texting while driving.  New Jersey’s motor vehicle laws makes it illegal to use a cell phone that is not “hands-free” … more

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