Divorce Lawyers in NJ

It is often said that home is where the heart is. But for many, problems in the home can Divorce Lawyers in NJcause more than their fair share of heartbreak and headaches, and finding the help you need to get through these trying times can be difficult. The firm of Guberman, Benson & Calise – Divorce Lawyers in NJ –  understands the confusion, frustration and pain that family problems can cause and creates solutions that fit your needs for today and the future.

Clients across New Jersey choose the law offices of Guberman, Benson & Calise – Divorce Lawyers in NJ – because of the level of attention the firm provides. Stacy Benson leads this area and works personally with every client to ensure that they have a voice in resolving their problems, and strives to incorporate their thoughts and concerns into her legal strategies. From her litigation background, Stacy knows that the way to find solutions is to be open and honest and to let clients know exactly what their options are and explain their likelihood of success.

A skilled negotiator and mediator, Stacy prefers to work with families outside the courtroom to produce results that benefit all parties involved.  If, however, one party decides to pursue litigation, Stacy relies on her skills as a litigation attorney to aggressively advocate for your legal rights in court. With more than 25 years of experience in handling litigation matters, Stacy has the knowledge and skills to successfully solve your family law issues.

How our family law firm can help you:

Divorce and Separation  Ending a marriage is a stressful experience for everyone involved. Stacy helps clients navigate every step of  the divorce, including division of assets, preparation and negotiation of property settlement agreements and spousal support, child support, child custody, custody modifications, grandparent visitation, child visitation and relocation.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements — While no one wants to plan for the worst, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can protect your assets from dissolution during divorce. Stacy provides experienced legal advice whether you want to draft a marital agreement or are challenging one.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce — Divorce doesn’t have to involve a contentious legal battle. Stacy offers divorce mediation and collaborative divorce services that allow you and your spouse to come up with reasonable solutions that meet your unique needs.

Name Changes — People have many reasons for seeking to legally change their name from giving an adopted or step-child a family last name to avoiding confusion as adults with similarly named siblings or parents. Name changes can also be desired for religious purposes or other reasons.

Post Judgment Motions — Many PSA agreements, final judgments, or court orders may need to be modified to accommodate the family’s changing needs. Child support or alimony payments may be reduced by filing a post-judgment motion. These motions are also referred to as Lepis motions. Moreover, some other types of post-judgment motions may include an adjustment to a parenting time schedule, a request to emancipate a child, or to compel the payment of college expenses.

Choose the right family law attorneys and divorce lawyers in NJ — contact Stacy Benson today.

Divorce Lawyers in NJ