Fee Structure

During your initial consultation, we will review your legal needs and we will discuss the suggested attorney fee structure and anticipated costs.  The Firm is sensitive to the high cost of legal services and have organized our firm, practice and staff to work in an efficient and organized manner to achieve superior results without “over-lawyering or overspending” on legal matters.

There are two types of fees which are generally charged depending on the legal services performed by our firm. Your fee arrangement will be either a contingency fee or a flat fee.


Contingency Fees

In a contingency case, no fee is charged until we recover money to compensate you for your losses. Any costs or expenses associated with a contingency matter will only be expended after our firm discusses this cost or expense with you. Most costs are advanced on your behalf, and are not payable until we recover money for you at the conclusion of your case.

A typical contingency case involves certain litigation matters, such as automobile accidents, slip/fall, dog bites, workers’ compensation and most other negligence based claims, where our firm represents aggrieved or injured clients.

The contingency fee basis is a form of compensation that provides the lawyer with the purest form of incentive – the more money that is awarded the client – the more we earn ourselves. This agreement is also a litigant’s “Key” to the courthouse; providing individuals, without significant resources to get their day in court.

Flat or Hourly Fee

A flat or hourly fee is an established fee agreed upon at the onset on service. It is based upon discussions with the client and a complete understanding of the services anticipated to meet all of the clients’ goals.  For most matters, an initial retainer is paid, and as the case progresses, if an additional retainer is due, we will notify the client.

Most of our Real Estate, Family Law and Business matters are handled on a Flat or Hourly Rate. Our Real Estate Closing Fee is a flat rate, payable only if the matter closes at the time of closing.

No matter which fee is involved in your case, we will formalize the Agreement prior to commencing work on your file. If hourly fee structure is agreed upon, we will provide you with regular itemized billing statements, and will advise you if additional retainer money is due.

At Guberman, Benson & Calise, we will be happy to discuss which fee structure is appropriate for your matter.  Contact us today for more information.