Attorneys Representing Insurance Companies and their insureds.experience

Motor vehicle accidents – Personal Injury, No-Fault (PIP) Benefits, Property Damage, Subrogation.  No matter what your needs, our attorneys have defended insurance companies and their insureds, as well as commercial trucking companies and their drivers in a variety of motor vehicle accident cases in New Jersey.

The Law office of Guberman, Benson & Calise has years of experience defending large companies, smaller companies, and individuals against personal injury and worker’s compensation claims in New Jersey. The Firm handles all defense matters, including matters relating to premises liability for retail clients and automobile insurance defense. The Firm prides itself, and has unparalleled expertise on representing out of state insurance carriers that are not authorized to transact business in New Jersey. 

Our firm has extensive experience negotiating, settling, trying and appealing automobile insurance defense cases. We will handle everything from the initial investigation of your case, to trial and any necessary appellate work.

Our New Jersey insurance law attorneys vigorously pursue every possible defense on behalf of our clients. From questioning the seriousness of the plaintiff’s injury to determining the cause of the accident, we utilize a variety of accident reconstruction and biomechanical experts to assist in the defense of claims. We consult with the finest and most qualified medical experts for their opinions on the nature and extent of claimed injuries, while conducting a comprehensive investigation into the facts and circumstances of the accident.

In addition to the defense of bodily injury claims, the firm’s attorneys represent insurance carriers and their insureds in claims related to No-Fault (PIP) Benefits, Property Damage, Loss Transfer and Subrogation.


When a client places its trust in a law firm for its defense, it must have absolute confidence that the representation will be undertaken with the highest possible degree of professionalism, courtesy and expedience. Even with the onset of favorable tort reform legislation in many States, insured, self-insured, and uninsured parties will continue to struggle with the problem of rising costs in defending and resolving contested matters through litigation. Clients should expect that their attorneys will continue to propagate the philosophy that experienced litigators have espoused most often – where appropriate, settle matters in an expedient and economical fashion, and when necessary, aggressively defend matters in which legitimate disputes exist. Above all, clients must remember that legal representation is always most effective when handled by a well respected firm that has the requisite level of experience and a proven track record of success. Guberman, Benson & Calise,with offices in Lincroft, New Jersey, Elizabeth, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York, is such a firm.


The most basic element of our professional relationship with our clients is an open dialogue with the members of their Claims Departments. Addressing their defense needs, determining their reporting needs, mapping out the logistics for the transfer of files and forms – all aspects of their unique system for processing claims, whether it be for Personal Injury, No-Fault (PIP) Benefits, Property Damage, Loss Transfer and Subrogation – are given our meticulous attention. To make this dialogue effective, we believe that it is a year-round process – a process that will begin immediately upon our being given a claim to defend.

Timely communication of new case law and legislative, professional, and industry developments are essential components that make us effective defense counsel advisors. Our goal is to keep our clients informed on these emerging developments so that they can timely initiate appropriate action. We regularly offer seminars to management and staff to keep them abreast of all legal developments and strategies for the prevention and defense of claims.


We have and continue to be a vital force in representing the insureds of Country-Wide Insurance Company as well as for handling matters for companies managed by Country-Wide Insurance Company, including QBE Insurance Corporation, Praetorian, Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company, Delos Insurance Company and American Reliable Insurance Company.
As insurance defense and litigation specialists, Guberman, Benson & Calise provides reliable legal advice and aggressive defense relating to Personal Injury, No-Fault (PIP) Benefits, Property Damage, Loss Transfer and Subrogation. In addition to defending and litigating claims, our attorneys are available to provide risk assessment


Our law firm has long been recognized as a leader in defense litigation with over twenty-five years of negligence practice that has given our firm an unmatched familiarity with plaintiff’s claims, permitting us to accurately value a case based on such factors as attorney representation or treating physicians. We are mindful of costs and have consistently worked within our client’s budgets without sacrificing service and excellence.

Throughout our history, we have been able to set up a competitive fee structure with our clients that the vast majority of other law firms simply do not match.

The Firm has a balanced combination of technological efficiency and classic philosophical sensibility that enables it to successfully defend retail corporations and automobile insurance companies on behalf of their insureds against everything from personal injuries and property damage claims arising from premises liability, product liability, automobile negligence, and other general liability claims.

Please contact us today so that we can personalize a proposal catered to your carrier’s legal needs.