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Home ownership can provide you with many benefits; secure shelter, a long term investment and tax advantages.  A home, however, is also a major financial commitment.  There are many ways to avoid costly mistakes that can strain your budget and your patience.

Whether you are the buyer, seller, or owner of real estate, or looking to refinance, Barry Guberman, Stacy Benson and Albert Calise are prominent Real Estate attorneys recognized and highly regarded in the legal industry and are here to assist you in assessing your rights and responsibilities under the law.

We are not just attorneys, but active property owners and managers ourselves, and thus have a full working knowledge of New Jersey real estate law, not just as lawyers but as owners.


A home is the largest single investment for most people.  So the first question is:  Can you afford the home you want to buy?  Use our cost calculator to figure out your monthly payment.

Our Real Estate Department can help you through the home buying, selling or refinancing process by preparing or reviewing the contract,  preparing correspondence and negotiating inspection issues, ordering a title search, title insurance and survey and preparation of all of the closing documents.

At Guberman, Benson & Calise,  as New Jersey Real Estate Attorneys,  we are committed to providing legal assistance of the highest quality to discerning Buyers and Sellers.  We treat each client’s matter with the care and representation you deserve.  We are innovative in solving the problems our clients face and careful to help them avoid potential difficulties. We exercise great care in drafting and reviewing all documents and are strong advocates and negotiators of our client’s position.

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We acknowledge our responsibility to explain what is required of both the Buyer and Seller. and we strongly believe that good communication is essential to performing an outstanding job for our clients. With the help of our knowledgeable and personable paralegals, we maintain ongoing contact with our clients and make ourselves available to them in the office and by means of phone, fax and email. Contact Barry today.

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