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Guberman, Benson & Calise’s workers’ compensation practice is statewide and we have, over the past 25 years earned our reputation for excellence by representing every client as skilled and dedicated workers’ compensation lawyers.

Workers’ compensation (sometimes referred to as “workmans’ compensation”, “employment compensation”, or “workers’ comp”) provides workers with compensation when they are injured at work, while performing work offsite, or while engaged in a work-related activity.

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act provides workers with compensation for wage loss, medical expenses and permanent disability if you sustained a work related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation is a “no fault” insurance program that provides benefits to employees who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses. Since workers’ compensation law is a “no fault” statute, the employee does not have to prove that their employer was at fault. Benefits that an employee may be entitled to include:

Medical Benefits
Temporary Total Benefits
Permanent Partial Benefits
Permanent Total Benefits

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statute also provides death benefits to dependents of workers who have died as a result of their employment.

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Work-related injuries can be anything, but most commonly include the following:
• Broken bones or amputation from operating industrial machinery;
• Illness from chemical exposure, including industrial cleaners;
• Illness from toxic exposure;
• Injury from falling objects;
• Injuries from falls;
• Blindness or loss of hearing;
• Car, truck or other motor vehicle accidents while performing a work-related job or function;
• Repetitive stress injury, including carpal tunnel syndrome, knee, and back injury. (also known as an occupational claim)

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